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A craft is exactly the same as art, just using different mediums. Crafts can convey meaning just the same as art. Crafts use many mediums such as clay, paper and textiles. This means that the crafts person possess great technical skills.

There is an element of 'craft' that is purely decorative. This also requires skill. There are imposters in all fields; it just seems that this type of craft has overshadowed the true craft movement.

Everyone has a different idea of what 'Craft' means. For some it's about making unique things by hand. Others see it as a continuation of traditional practices and techniques. Or it can be about experimentation, innovation and change, depending on your point of view.

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Intentional production of Brass shows up in the history books around the 1st century. Greek and Roman documents refer to producing alloys by using copper and calamine, which is a zinc oxide rich ore. Calamine styles were produced by melting copper in a crucible along with calamine ore. Soon after this discovery, similar coins emerged in areas of modern Turkey. Soon after, the use of these coins spread throughout the Roman Empire and production even spread into northern Europe.

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